How to Check if the Root Account MFA status

nOps has the option of checking security across your AWS account that it is connected with. One crucial part of the AWS account is the root account. Maximum security has to be applied on it, else any vulerability or risk found and exploited can be devastating to the whole AWS account. Let us how you how to check if MFA is activated for your AWS account

  1. Login to your nOps acccount

nops-landing-dashboard This will lead you to the landing page dashboard that shows a summary of different metrics.

  1. Go to the Security menu item, which is one of the top menu items.


Click to view the drop-down menu item Compliance Dashboard, and click Compliance Dashboard. This will lead you to the Security Compliance Dashbaord landing page.

  1. On the dashboard, go to the left have side menu. There is an item there that indicates Root user without MFA.


This will show the root user and also display if MFA is enabled or not on that root user account