How to Create a Custom Dashboard

Dashboards are summary of long volume reports and analysis. nOps dashboards are not any different. They make it easier to get insights faster and easier with a sneak peak. There are a lot of metrics in nOps, so having a custom dashboard will be a life saver. Here are the steps involved in creating a custom dashboard to put just he metrics you need

  1. Login to your nOps acccount

nops-landing-dashboard This will lead you to the landing page dashboard that shows a summary of different metrics

  1. On the home page, navigate to the Reports and click the menu item

  2. On the drop-down that shows click on the Custom Dashbaord menu item


This will lead to the Custom Dashboard page for creating a custom dashboard.

  1. Click on the Custom Dashboard on the top right corner of the screen


  1. On the new Window that popups up, enter the name of the Dashboard you wish to create and select the dashboard type


  1. The page has two buttons displayed
  • Add Rules: For adding the actual reports based on different nOps rules and different categories.
  • Add Report Block: For adding a fresh report block for adding more rules.
  1. To add a new rules, click the Add Rules button. This will show a pop-up with list of different nOps rules in different categories


For this example, I am configuring a security-based analysis dashboard. So all the rules I will be adding will be security rules. Other rules can be added if needed. Other rules on the screen shot include; Cost, Reliability, Operations. To add rule(s) click the checkbox of the rule(s). After ticking the boxes. Click the Confirm button.



  1. When the rules applied are confirmed, click the Save Dashboard button to save the Dashboard.


  1. To view the dashboard that was just created. Navigate to Reports>Custom Dashboard to view list of Custom Dashboards. The dashboard will be among the list of other Custom Dashboards, Click on the Security Analysis dashboard that was just created.



  1. Report Blocks can be added to the dashboard to create other headings and clear separation of different reports corresponding reports as has been done previously.