How to Create a Budget

  1. Login to your nOps acccount

nops-landing-dashboard This will lead you to the landing page dashboard that shows a summary of different metrics.

  1. Navigate to the Cost Control menu and click to reveal the menu item list click on the AWS Resources Cost menu item. nops-create-budget-menu-item. This will lead to the Cost Control Page


  1. On the top right corner of the screen, you can find the Create Budget button there.


  1. Click on the create budget button and fill te form that pops-out


Enter the name for the budget, the amount for the budget, Select the AWS account (from the list of AWS accounts that have been connected to your nOps account). Next is to configure the Budget Notifications, and the emails that will receive the notifications. There is also the option to enter the slack channel to receive notifications on Slack.


Then click on Create Budget to create the budget based on different parameters.

  1. The budget will be created and automatically shift the tab to the Budgets tab