How to view IAM violations

IAM violations shows you IAM security principles that your account does not comply with. For this to be possible, you must first setup your AWS account(s) on nOps. These violations could range from accounts not using MFA, accounts not granted leat privilege To view IAM role violations take the following steps

  1. Login to your nOps acccount nops-landing-dashboard

This will lead you to the landing page dashboard that shows a summary of different metrics


  1. Go to the Rules menu item and click to display the drop-down menu. On the drop-down menu, click on the item nOps Rules


nOps Rules page will be launched with various tabs showing the different options. Such as Security, Cost, Relability, Operations, Performance, and Change Management


  1. On the left side-bar there is a section called Filters. Under Filters there is a search bar. In that search bar type the word IAM. and press the enter key to search


This will show a list of IAM violations on the right hand side. From the screen shot we can see at least 4 sections of violations; 266 AWS IAM roles arent attached to any resource, 36 users have not been granted least privilege permissions in AWS IAM, 11 active root accout access key(s) detected, 6 AWS IAM users arent using MFA-enabled sign in