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What is nOps?

  • nOps is a cloud management platform for AWS. It provides instant visibility to changes in your AWS infrastructure and enables change management, continuous cost & resource optimization, painless compliance & security audits, workflow automation with AWS Service Catalog, and automation of AWS Well-Architected Reviews.

Who created nOps?

  • nOps began as a set of methods, processes, and tools created by DevOps and cloud professional services teams at nClouds, an award-winning, certified AWS Premier Consulting Partner. From the start, services clients – ranging from startups to enterprise IT organizations – were very excited about these capabilities. Therefore, we expanded and productized the capabilities into nOps, a commercial SaaS offering.

What does nOps do?

  • Track and manage all your AWS cloud changes. Get instant visibility to change requests and delta to your infrastructure.

  • Monitor and optimize the usage cost for cloud infrastructure. Proactively reduce cloud costs by identifying zombie instances that were spun up, used, and abandoned with the meter running.

  • Create workflows integrated with AWS Service Catalog to centrally manage commonly deployed IT services.

  • Automate change authorization process with the built-in rules engine to auto-approve most standard changes.

  • For exceptions, create and trigger workflows easily that notify the right team members based on specific changes, sending the notifications, with context, via Slack, HipChat, and Jira.

  • Automatically log changes in config history in a modern CMDB, along with Jira tickets.

  • Go beyond current spreadsheet swapping to support security and compliance audits like SOC 2, with no pain.

  • Prevent and remediate incidents faster by giving SREs instant visibility to correlate changes.

How much does nOps cost?

  • Please reference the subscription options under Pricing

Will nOps cause my AWS billing to increase?

  • No, nOps helps bring visibility to your AWS costs. nOps is a web application that requires a read-only role to provide visibility to your entire infrastructure.

How does nOps use my AWS account details?

  • AWS account details are used to access logs and the AWS API. nOps does not access any application data.

  • nOps uses AWS CloudTrail and Amazon CloudWatch logs to create various dashboards.

How can I ensure that AWS account details are not compromised?

  • AWS accounts details are stored in a highly secure format. The nOps site is secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and sensitive data is encrypted.

  • User sensitive data is encrypted. We first encrypt it in the browser then re-encrypt with a more secure algorithm (RSA 2048 and SHA-256) once it reaches our servers. All web connections are sent via 256-bit SSL.

Can I set up multiple AWS accounts in nOps?

  • You can add multiple AWS accounts in nOps and monitor the changes.

How can I obtain details for a particular server or infrastructure?

  • nOps provides a powerful search facility enabling you to search for a particular server or infrastructure.

How frequently is nOps data refreshed?

  • nOps data is refreshed every 60 minutes.

  • Billing data is fetched once a day.

Why might I see differences between my billing in AWS and the details in nOps?

  • There could be a difference due to credits, taxes, or adjustments made by AWS.

  • Also, there could be a difference due to timing. nOps ingests billing once every 24 hours from the daily billing files that AWS puts into your billing bucket.

Is nOps ITIL compliant?

  • We are actively working to make nOps ITIL compliant. We will announce compliance when it is ready.

What third-party integrations are available for nOps currently?

  • Currently, nOps supports integration with AWS Service Catalog, Jira Software, Slack, and email.

Can nOps help with a security audit?

  • Yes, nOps reports can help address security audit questions related to cloud changes.

Are there limits to how many events or change requests can be tracked with nOps?

  • No, there are no limits to the number of events or change requests.

What is Slackbot and how can it be used?

  • nOps Slack chatbot, or Slackbot, can help you to create change requests from a Slack channel. The nOps Slackbot monitors Slack channel conversations for keywords and will prompt for actions like creating a change request in nOps.

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