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PagerDuty Integration
PagerDuty Integration
Written by Manpreet Singh
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PagerDuty Integration with nOps

You can use your PagerDuty service to receive the security audit trail related to security best practices from nOps. These security best practices are implemented using different nOps rules. Whenever there is a change in violations, a security audit trail is generated. Follow the steps below to integrate PagerDuty with nOps now.

Steps to Integrate PagerDuty.

Create a new service in PagerDuty

Go to Configuration β†’ Services β†’ New Service

From the new created service, click on New Integration

This new integration will help in generating a new API key that can be added to the set security audit trail

Login to nOps and go to logged-in name to show the Settings icon. On the Settings Page, click on Integrations. In the Integrations page, click PagerDuty Integration. Enter the PagerDuty Integration Key.

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