Adding Jira Integration

Assign tickets to team members for issues that nOps surfaces and reducing time spent using multiple software. By using the Jira integration you can navigate through nOps and find areas that need to be fixed and create a Jira ticket without having to leave nOps. There are multiple areas that allow you to create these tickets.

Create Jira Tickets in nOps for the following areas:

Spot Advisor

Tag Explorer

Resource Rightsizing

nOps Rules

AWS Inventory

SOC2, HIPAA, CIS Readiness Reports


Before using the Jira Integration, take note that nOps only integrates with a single Jira account. You will need Administrator rights in Jira to be able to complete this step

On the drop-down menu that is displayed, click Settings menu item. This will lead us to the nOps settings page.

The settings page has a side menu with various menu items. Click on the Integrations menu item. On the integrations page, click on Jira Cloud Integration

You will be requested to input the URL of your Jira Cloud Account. What is needed here is just the based URL. Ex. When the URL is filled, click the Login to Jira Cloud button

This will lead to the Jira Login page. Login your credentials for validation purposes. If you are already logged in, this page will be skipped.

On the Jira screen, click on the Settings icon on the top-right corner of the menu bar, on the drop-down menu, click on the Products menu item.

On the page that loads, go to the side-menu bar, and click on the item called Application links

There is a box labeled “Enter the URL of the application you want to link”. Enter the URL for nOps in that box which is:, and then click the Create new link.

A new window will emerge with a form to be filled. Fill in the form by entering the Application Name ; which could be simply nOps. Then click the checkbox "Create New Link". Then click the Continue button to proceed.

In the next step, under the Consumer Key box, enter the value “OauthKey”. Then for Customer Name, enter your company name, being that you are a customer of nOps.

In the public key section, paste the public key obtained from the nOps Integrations page. Click the Continue button.

Return to the nOps dashboard and refresh the screen. On the Settings > Integration page, click on the Jira Cloud Integration. Click on the Give Access button to grant nOps access to Jira Cloud.

This will lead to the Jira page requiring permission. Click on the allow button to give nOps access to Jira.

This action will finally integrate your nOps dashboard into your Jira account.

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