Configure Weekly Reports
Written by Manpreet Singh
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How to Configure Weekly Reports

This tutorial will show step by step how to configure weekly reports for a notification list

On the top left corner of the dashboard, where the name of the user is currently logged in; click on the arrow to reveal the drop-down menu. Click on the Notifications Settings menu item

Go to the Notifications Center on the left side of the screen.

In the Notifications center, it includes different categories Cost Changes, nOps Rules, Security Dashboard, SOC2 Readiness Report, HIPAA Readiness Report, and CIS Readiness Report

Select which category and in the section Users who you want to Notify (optional) enter in the email address or use the dropdown to select users that way,

Click the Create or Update Preferences button to create the new notifications list.

In the Notification Center, you may select Weekly Reports to be sent to the users.

This is where the weekly report for all the AWS accounts connected to the nOps account can either be activated or de-activated.

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