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How to Create and View Custom Reports
How to Create and View Custom Reports
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

How to Create and View Custom Reports (MSP)

If you are not logged into your Partner Dashboard already, follow these steps:

Navigate to the top right corner of the screen where you have the name of the user that is currently logged in. Click on the name to display the drop-down menu. On the menu that shows, navigate to the Partner Dashboard menu item and click.

This will take us to the Partner Dashboard page.

Navigate to the top menu bar and click on the Templates menu item. On the drop-down that pops-out, click on the Custom Reports menu item

This will lead to the list of reports you can create or view.

Creating a New Report

Note Reports are created and managed by the Administrator. You can only view the Custom Reports

Select which template to use. A pop-up will ask for a name and for which client.

Once on the Custom Report, there are options to select what items to add to the report for a client. There are options to drag and drop in the Library and add comments to the report

By clicking the Share button the ability to share the report through email or copying the URL to the report.

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