Perform Default Tagging
Written by Manpreet Singh
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How to add a Default Tag

Tagging is very essential for all your resources in your AWS account, nOps makes tagging much easier. Let us show you how to use the nOps default tagging feature to tag resources.

Move the mouse to the top bar that contains the name of the logged-in user. On the drop-down that displays and click on the Settings menu item.

This will lead to the Settings page.

On the side menu bar, click on the Default Tagging menu item. This will lead you to the default tagging page.

Creating a Tag

Click on the Create New Default Tag

A form will pop-up on the side of the screen, where the information for tagging is to be filled in.

There is the option to select more than one AWS account, as long as the account is has been connected with nOps.

You can also add multiple tags to properly streamline to particular service or set of services. Click on the Save button when done, to create the tags.

This will create the tags and how in the list of tags with others that were existing.

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