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Export an In-Progress WAFR Report
Export an In-Progress WAFR Report
Send a Workload that is still in progress to a PDF
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

How to Export a WAFR Report In Progress

When a Workload has been created, the WAFR Report when still in progress can be exported. These are the steps to export the report options selected when the assessment is still in progress.

Click on the Workload link on the top menu bar.

This will lead us to the Workloads page

Click on the particular workload that you need to export that is In Progress

  1. This will open up the details page for the WAFR report, then click the Update Access button on the top right corner of the screen

This will open up the WAFR Assessment page

Click the Download Report Report button on the top left corner of the screen

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