How to Invite Customer for WAFR Assessment

Login to the nOps Partner Dashboard here

Click on the Settings Icon on the top-right corner of the screen.

On the Settings page, there is a side menu with options such as Clients, Partner User, Company Profile, Billing Accounts. Click on Clients.

On the Partner Clients page, click on the New Client button on the top-right corner of the page.

On the drop-down menu click on, Invite a client for well-architected assessment.

A form will be displayed, fill out the form with the appropriate information, such as,

Customer Email, Email Subject, Email Body. Click the Invite client button to invite the customer.

The customer receives an email to Sign Up. The customer should click on the link, fill the form and Sign up

Click the Sign up now button to fill the Sign Up form. Click Sign up button to complete the Sign Up process. This will automatically log you into your nOps account.

Switch to the user account page by clicking here.

The next step is to add an AWS account, to the nOps account. Click on the *Add New AWS Account

Select the nOps Wizard Setup option, then click the Next button.

Enter the name to represent the AWS account within nOps, which is also called a nOps project, and the name of the S3 Bucket that has been created for the nOps account. Then click on Setup Account button

This will launch the Cloudformation Console in your AWS account, if you are logged-in it will direct you to the Cloudformation Console with the stack creation wizard.

Click the check box to acknowledge AWS Cloudformation will create IAM resources, then click on Create Stack to create the Cloudformation stack that is needed to link your AWS account to the nOps project.

The stack creation will take a couple of minutes. When it is complete. When the Cloudformation stack is completely created, you will get a notification email that the account is ready to be used.

The account is ready for a Well-Architected Framework Review.

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