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How to Invoice for Clients - MSP
How to Invoice for Clients - MSP
Partner Dashboard for Invoicing clients
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

How to Invoice for Clients

nOps Partner Dashboard has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to generate invoices for clients. Here are the simple steps to do that

Move the mouse to the top bar that contains the name of the logged-in user. On the drop-down that displays and click on the Partner Dashboard menu item.

This will lead us to the Partner Dashboard home page.

On the Partner Dashboard, go to the top menu bar and click on the Billing menu item.

Select Customer Invoicing, this will show the Customers List page. Each customer item has an arrow link, click on the arrow link.

Click on the arrow to see all the invoices for the customer.

This will open up the different invoices for the customer.

On the customer invoice page, go to the Action column and click the print icon on the specific invoice you wish to download or view the detail of the invoice.

This will download the PDF version of the invoice.

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