How to Setup Group Alerts

Notifications for different metrics on the nOps dashboard can be configured. This alert can be configured for a certain department say the security department if it is something related to security or the infrastructure team. In this tutorial, we will look at how to create group alerts.

On the top left corner of the dashboard, where the name of the user is currently logged in; click on the arrow to reveal the drop-down menu. Click on the Notifications Settings menu item

This will lead to the nOps notifications page that shows a list of different notification configurations

Click on the Create new list link to create a new list for users to be notified. In the pop-up box, enter the name of the list; for this example, we are calling this Security Team

Click the Create button to create the new notifications list.

The list will be displayed below

Click on the Security Team link as underlined in the previous figure, to make changes to the list

There are various list items Users, Notifications and Alerts, Slack Channels, AWS Accounts, Weekly Reports. The Users option is selected by default. This shows an option to add nOps internal users on the Manage nOps Users, and also the option to add any email on the Manage Custom Emails area.

To add a user on the Manage nOps Users, input the name for a suggested list to show the users that exist in the account Ops account. After selecting the user, click on the name and click the Add New User button

To add an email that is not an nOps user, use the option with the heading Manage Custom Emails. Enter the email of the person and click the Add New Email option.

In both Manage nOps Users and Manage Custom Emails can take more than one user, grouping the alerts for all the users, both internal nOps users and external emails to receive alerts.

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