How to view the cost of Kubernetes Pod and Service

nOps is designed to help give granular costs to your EKS, pods, and services. To view the cost of your EKS resources, use the following steps:

Navigate the mouse to the top menu item labeled Cost Control and click to view the menu items. On the items that display in the list, click on the Container Cost menu item.

This is will lead to the Containers Cost Page.

The dashboard shows a graph, that shows daily container cost, and scrolling down you will see a list of EKS clusters that have been created within the AWS account. This list shows the cost of each EKS cluster per day.

From the snapshot there is a title called EKS Clusters List. You can see a list of EKS clusters that have been created. We can get detailed cost of components of the Kubernetes cluster such as the cost for each Worker Node (EC2 Instance), Services and Pods. Click on the particular EKS cluster you wish to view details about. From our screenshot, we will click on nops-test-eks cluster.

This will give more details into the Services, Nodes (EC2 Instances), and Pods within the cluster.

By clicking on the name a pop-up window will display further detail on the EC2 instance.

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