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Spot Advisor - Switch to Spot Instances
Spot Advisor - Switch to Spot Instances
Identify EC2 instances and view details on the Spot instances
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

How to View nOps Spot Advisor

The spot advisor helps you to find EC2 instances that can be migrated to use Spot instances. This guide will show how to navigate to the Spot Advisor to see the instances that can be converted to Spot Instance pricing.

On the dashboard, go to menu item Cost Control and click to pop-out the drop-down menu item. Navigate to the Spot Advisor menu item and click it.

This will lead you to the Spot Advisor Dashboard which shows the list of instances and the cost estimates for the Spot option of those instances.

There is an option to view more detail on the Spot Instance. Click on the Instance name.

This will pop-up a new screen, which will give detailed information on the EC2 Usage for the Spot Instance. There is options to view Resource Details, Cost History, and Config History.

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