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View Under-Utilized Network Resources
View Under-Utilized Network Resources
Manage under utilized resources and address the resource by overriding the violation or fix through the AWS account
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

How to view Under-Utilized Network Resources

nOps has the feature to view underutilized network resources on the nOps Rules page. Using the Costs section will display under utilized resources that can then be fixed in the AWS account.

Tip: While looking at the Underutilized resources, nOps does not recognize credits that are applied to the account. (Screenshot provided from Dashboard)

See example below:

How to find Underutilized Resources

Navigate to the menu bar, and click on the nOps Rules menu.

This will lead to the nOps Rules dashboard.

On the nOps Rules dashboard. There are series of tabs with labels Security, Cost, Reliability, Operations, Performance and Change Management. Click on the Cost tab

This will show a list of items. This list shows items that can be re-configured to save your overall AWS cost. Under-utilized network resources range from unused EIP, unused NAT resources

Under the Rule Name there is an option to view the underutilized resource in detail. Click the arrow to view the resource in detail.

On the Unused Resource Details will list in detail the resources. By clicking the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the resource detail, it will list actions to resolve this issue.

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