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How to Create a Custom Template - Partners
How to Create a Custom Template - Partners
Custom Templates are used to create SOW's, review, and more.
Written by Manpreet Singh
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How to Create a Custom Template - Partners

Using the Custom Template feature is a tool to customize a report. Saving the Report Template can then later be used for a Custom Report for the company or clients.

Click on Custom Templates on Dashboard

Or, click on Reports>Custom Templates

On the Custom Template page, click on Create Custom Template

A pop up will appear. Add a name for the report, and click New Template.

*There is an option to edit all the existing templates., by clicking on one of the created custom templates it will take you to a screen to edit the existing version

On the right-hand side there are options to add to the report by clicking on the Library options it give the option to select which block to add to the report.

*Some of the items you can click on and it will add the block to the bottom of the template. Others will need to clicked and dragged.

Within the built template the you can move the blocks up and down. Or, delete blocks that were added, that you no longer need.

Heading - Create a Title for the Report

Paragraph - Add text to the report (Explanation, Purpose...)

Table of Contents - Will add a table of content to the template to explain which blocks will be used in template

Remediation - Select a plan to remediate

Recommendation - Select any recommendations for improvement

Table - Add a Pricing Table

Cost Summary - AWS spend from yesterday, last week, and month to date

All Rules - Select rules from Security, Cost, Reliability, Operations, Performance

Resources - Resources from AWS account

High Risk Issues - Issues that are considered HRI

Example of how the Template will appear:

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