Child Accounts in nOps

Adding child accounts to nOps is an automatic process. When adding a Master account it will automatically pull in child accounts associated with the Parent account. No further action is required.

To use a child account for features such as security, operations, reliability, and performance enable access to child accounts via nOps setup.

Follow this process to add a read only access for a child account to view security, operations, reliability, and performance reports and dashboard:

Click on your Account at top right of the page

Go to Settings

Then, click AWS Accounts on the left

Next to the child account on the right click the 3 dots:

Select the option to sync the account to access more information on the child accounts.

It will redirect you to the AWS account to create a stack for nOps to access through a read only.

Data can take 1-2 hours to pull in the data from AWS.

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