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Add a Client to the Partner Account
Add a Client to the Partner Account
How to add a client to your partner account
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

Adding a Client on the Partner Account

To add a client to the partner account:

Go to Settings:

Select on Clients on the left.

On the top right click on +New Client

Now select how the client should be invited:

Create a new client - Add the clients name and then go to their account to finish setup. It will bring you to a page to add their AWS account to start retrieving the account data.

Add the AWS account. There is an option to add additional users to this account. Here you can add the client to the nOps account for their AWS account only.

Invite a client for well-architected assessment - This will send an email to the client to have them add their AWS Account for the well-architected assessment. The email body can be customized or use the default message.

AWS account data will take 2-4 hours to load into the nOps account.

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