Tag Explorer

The Tag Explorer feature is to assess your tags attached to resources billing information to better organize your costs, such as costs for different stacks, customers, environments, projects, departments, or teams. Displaying current information and will highlight untagged resources.

Feature available on Client Page only

On the NavBar click Cost Exploer>Tag Explorer

Filter abilities:


Custom Rules

Resources Launched after

Resources Launched before

AWS Account

CloudFormation: Stack-Name


AWS Manages Resources


Usage Type

When hovering over the row for Tags used on the left-hand side it will breakdown the cost of each AWS managed services by color. Depending on what color of the graph line you hover over it will bring the cost of the AWS managed service to the top of the graph key.

In the All tags list, the ACTION column has the option to view more details on the Tag Name. Click on the arrow to see more details.

The next page will display a breakdown of the Tag name. Showing the Service, Resource name, Project, Region, and Total Cost.

By clicking the arrow in the ACTION column, it will bring up more details.

A pop-up screen will appear with the details on when it was created and last used.

  1. Selecting the option to Add a Jira Ticket will connect to Jira to create a ticket.

  2. Clicking View Resource on AWS Console goes directly to the resource in the AWS Account.

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