Chargeback Center


Using the Chargeback Center brings visibility and accountability to AWS cloud cost. tie cloud resources to teams and attach chargeback features to them. The larger the number of AWS accounts you have the bigger this problem becomes. This also gives teams a handle on their own budgets and uncontrolled cloud budget spend.

The Chargeback Center does not create invoices. It will help visualize spend for business units, teams, and billing.

How to use Chargeback Center:

Go to Cost Control>Chargeback Center

The Chargeback Center is your dashboard for the chargeback "perspectives" that you can create. You can create as many buckets as you wish to represent different perspectives which can be multiple workloads for different teams.

Creating a new Chargeback by clicking on Create New Chargeback then just complete the simple pop-up form.

On the pop-up fill out the following fields:

Chargeback Name - Enter a name for the Chargeback that makes sense to your organization. If it's a team, project or person then use a combination of identifiers like "Developer-UX-Project5-Staging"

Chargeback Type:

  • Predefined - Use the default labels provided; Business Unit, Team, or Billing. These are just text labels that make sense to you and don't modify how nOps works.

  • Custom - Create your own label if the Predefined Labels don't cover your use case.

Set Monthly Budget Limit - Create a budget for the Chargeback. And, select if an email should be sent if the budget is over the spend.


  • AWS Managed Services - The AWS services that nOps will include in your workload. This defaults to All.

  • VPC - The VPCs that contain the resources that nOps will include in your workload. This defaults to All.

  • Tags - Select tags to be assigned to the resources you want to include, e.g., “ApplicationA.”

Click Save

There's an option to Favorite this Chargeback for easier filtering by clicking the star in the top right.

Click See chargeback details

  • You will see the spend and difference over the months broken down on this page.

  • Download the chargeback as an invoice.

  • Track if the chargeback has been; sent, paid, or unpaid.

Other things you can do with nOps chargeback:

  • You can go from AWS Region and accounts down to the granularity of AWS tags to allocate resources to the chargeback bucket.

  • You get a dashboard for that chargeback and you get notifications.

  • You can set the period to monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • You can see underspend and overspend.

  • You can see the history and mark overspend as paid or not.

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