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AWS Foundation Technical Review (FTR) Report
AWS Foundation Technical Review (FTR) Report
nOps is used by AWS partners in the ISV Program to get their FTR accreditation and access program benefits. This is a sample report.
Written by Manpreet Singh
Updated over a week ago

The nOps FTR Report can be exported from nOps to be emailed by the ISV partner to their AWS representative to complete the FTR process and access ISV program benefits:

The nOps FTR Report gives you access to:

  1. At-a-glance summary

  2. List of attached AWS resources with $costs

  3. 14 detail sections for the complete FTR process.

nOps FTR Report at-a-glance summary

nOps FTR attached AWS resources list

Note: The AWS ARNs for each AWS resource have been redacted.

nOps FTR Report detail sections

These are the sections that the ISV has to complete to pass the FTR process.

1. Support Level

2. AWS Well-Architected Review

3. AWS Root Account

4. AWS Accounts

5. Communications from AWS

6. CloudTrail

7. Identity and Access Management

8. Backups and Recovery

9. Disaster Recovery

10. Amazon S3 Bucket Access

11. Cross-Account Access

12. Sensitive Data

13. Protected Health Information

14. Regulatory Compliance Validation Process

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