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How to Integrate SSO in nOps

Running a secure cloud system is very important. With the new nOps SSO feature, integrating SSO from your favorite SAML 2.0 provider is a smooth and easy process. You can currently integrate Okta, OneLogin, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) amongst others.

Getting Started

To incorporate SSO in nOps, you need to configure the SSO for your SAML provider. To do that, you first need to get some credentials from your nOps dashboard.

Your nOps Credentials

  1. To access your nOps SSO credentials, navigate to your SSO Settings Page. Go to:
    Organizational Settings > SSO if you’re using the client portal
    or Partner Settings > SSO for the partner portal.
    You will be prompted to enable SSO for access to the SSO Settings page.

  2. Copy the Assertion Consumer Service and Entity ID values on the SSO Settings page and paste them into your SAML provider’s SSO configuration settings.

  3. Next you need to map some defined attributes. This should be done using the exact values as described. These attributes are called “Parameters” in OneLogin.

Map this Attribute value

To this Attribute name



First Name


Last Name




When you are done, you will be provided setup instructions which you will then use to configure SSO on nOps.

To learn how to configure SSO, see the configuration documentation.

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